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St Andrew's

Church of England Primary School

Building Update

Chair of Governors visits the factory where the classrooms are being made.

The two new classrooms for St Andrew’s School are currently being manufactured at a site just outside York. Chair of Governors, Robert Ruston, went to visit the factory recently to see how the units are progressing.


The two classrooms and the entrance and toilet area will be made up of five modules which will be transported from York to Ramsbottom and then put together on site.  Work is going well on the classrooms with most of the walls in place and some of the toilets, sinks and hot water system installed.


“I was very impressed with the amount of work that goes into removing most of the old building, just leaving the steel frame and any floor or roof timers that are sound and re-usable”, Robert said. “I was given tour of the whole factory and shown how the process is undertaken, including checking underneath each unit on a specially constructed inspection frame.”


“I am happy that these classrooms will provide some excellent new facilities at school. This will enable us to continue to provide the quality of education and care for an increasing number of pupils that St Andrew’s is known for”, Robert said.


The units are scheduled to be delivered at the end of June, with installation on site and the final fitting out due to be complete before the end of term.