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St Andrew's

Church of England Primary School

Big Plans!

Big news about our building plans for 2018...

St Andrews Primary School is a thriving school and a positive consequence of this success is that the School is becoming more and more popular. This is having a significant demand upon the existing accommodation as we try to cope with larger intakes within an existing building. We currently have 271 pupils and this may grow further over the next two or three years. 85 families have named St Andrew’s as one of their choices of school for September 2018. This includes 22 siblings.

As a result, myself and the school governors have been working hard to improve teaching facilities and classrooms. This can only be met with new accommodation.

The scheme proposal relates to the existing modular building which currently houses SOCKs, our Before & After School Club. This was built in the late 20th century (!) and only can be described as dilapidated. The intention is to demolish the existing building and provide 2 new classrooms, in a modular type system and with similar aesthetics to the Reception classroom which faces this part of school.

To minimise disruption to school life, the plan is to demolish the SOCKs building and take down the gazebo structure during the Easter holidays. The new modular building is larger than the demolished building and will extend into the existing playground, and therefore require the relocation of the children's gazebo. The gazebo will be relocated elsewhere at a later date.

Fabrication of the classrooms is carried out off site which further minimises disruption to the school. The modular units will craned in (over a weekend) and linked together on previously prepared foundations and connected to suitably prepared drainage points.

We believe that the new classrooms, apart from allowing the school to develop with enhanced and desperately needed teaching facilities, will be of benefit to the school and community alike. Initially, one classroom will house a class of children and the other room will be the base for SOCKs. There will be cloakroom and toilet facilities for the pupils. The classroom will be kitted out with facilities including an interactive whiteboard and projector etc.

Attached to this article is a copy of the plans showing the proposed floor plan and the elevations of the building from various angles.

Of course, there may be some inconvenience during the coming months but we hope to make this as minimal as possible. Please bear with us. We thank you in advance for your patience!

If you have any questions regarding this project do not hesitate to contact Mr Marsh.

Fingers crossed!