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St Andrew's

Church of England Primary School

Dyslexia Aware School

Everyone at St Andrew's is working very hard to achieve the ‘Quality Award for Dyslexia Schools’ .

The philosophy underpinning the Quality Award is that changing practice to accommodate dyslexic individuals often results in good practice for everyone.

 “If a child does not learn in the way in which we teach then we must teach him in the way in which he learns. Let dyslexia be looked at from a different angle, not as a learning disability but a different learning ability.”

In dyslexia friendly schools, teachers appreciate that dyslexic children learn in these different ways and that this can be beneficial to all. Staff work quickly to identify the individual learning needs of children and address them with tailored programmes of learning support, based on the childre’s strengths. They continually monitor, review and improve their systems of identification and support.

The entire school community is involved with raising the awareness of specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, and developing the specialist skills necessary for inclusion of children experiencing these difficulties.

Simply put, dyslexia friendly schools promote good practice for teaching and learning.

The following three ‘steps’ summarise this:

  • Whole school principles in embedding inclusive practice.
  • Principles of identifying and supporting pupils with dyslexia or literacy difficulties.
  • Whole community principles in raising awareness of issues surrounding dyslexia.

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On Wednesday, 5th October we will hold our second NO PENS WEDNESDAY when the children will use alternative methods of recording their work.