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St Andrew's

Church of England Primary School

Scientific Enquiry

In Science we have been learning about classification, and more specifically, microorganisms. We have decided to investigate how different conditions affect the growth of mould. 

In groups, we have chosen different areas around school to place an uncontaminated slice of bread. Over the next few weeks, we will monitor the growth of mould and compare this with the other slices which have been kept in different conditions. 


Have a look at where we decided to place our bread. Can you see why we chose these spots based on the differing conditions?

Inside the laptop store cupboard:

On the window, in direct sunlight:

Outside, in direct sunlight:

In the dark PE store:

Behind the warm pipes in the classroom:

 Up in the cold attic:



Alongside this investigation, we also decided to run our own experiment to see how the growth of mould is affected when touched by unclean hands (all 30 children in the class passing around one piece) and with no contamination. After one week, we can already see mould growing on the contaminated piece!