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St Andrew's

Church of England Primary School

Nutrition Talk

We were thrilled to invite one of our lovely parents into school to speak to us about nutrition education. We got to use our senses to try a range of different foods and understand how small changes can make a big difference! This will help us with our DT topic when we start to plan a nutritious, balanced meal.


We had to guess what liquid was in the jars, just using our eyes. Really, it was just apple juice with different food colouring in! Looks can be deceiving!

We tasted different foods whilst covering our ears, and then described what the food sounded like inside our heads. We used crackers and bananas - they were very different!

Only using our sense of smell, we tried to guess what eat food was inside the covered bowl! There was garlic, lemon and cloves!


We even got to try different foods - raisins, grapes and frozen grapes... but actually they were all the same food with more or less sugar or water!

Then we had to try an unknown mixture, whilst holding our noses. It didn't taste of much, until we let go and could taste cinnamon sugar!


Thank you so much to Chandra for coming in and sharing your knowledge!