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St Andrew's

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  • Remembrance Day

    Published 08/11/23, by E Finnerty

    Our Remembrance Day project this year was for each child to create their own peg soldier. We looked at all the people who helped during the wars and designed our own soldiers to join the Year 6 Regiment. These are now displayed in the reception area at the front of school for everyone to have a look at.

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  • Anglo-Saxon Brooches!

    Published 09/10/23, by E Finnerty

    To continue our learning about the Anglo-Saxons, we researched and designed some Anglo-Saxon brooches. Have a look at our fantastic work!

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  • Class of 2024!

    Published 09/10/23, by E Finnerty

    We created some fantastic self-portraits to kick off the year! Around our faces, we wrote all the things we associate with ourselves.

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  • Our Class Text - Beowulf!

    Published 20/09/23, by E Finnerty

    We have kicked off the year with a great text - Beowulf. This fits in with our Anglo-Saxon topic in History/Geography too.

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  • Welcome Y6!

    Published 20/09/23, by E Finnerty

    Welcome back! We are so excited to start the new school year and can't wait for a fantastic year in Year 6!

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  • Scientific Enquiry

    Published 27/03/23, by E Finnerty

    In Science we have been learning about classification, and more specifically, microorganisms. We have decided to investigate how different conditions affect the growth of mould. 

    In groups, we have chosen different areas around school to place an uncontaminated slice of bread. Over the next few weeks, we will monitor the growth of mould and compare this with the other slices which have been kept in different conditions. 

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  • World Book Day!

    Published 06/03/23, by E Finnerty

    In Year 6 we decided to decorate our door to match one of our favourite books - Holes! Everybody participated and created their own lizard or wanted poster for Kissin' Kate Barlow!


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  • Nutrition Talk

    Published 20/01/23, by E Finnerty

    We were thrilled to invite one of our lovely parents into school to speak to us about nutrition education. We got to use our senses to try a range of different foods and understand how small changes can make a big difference! This will help us with our DT topic when we start to plan a nutritious, balanced meal.

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  • CPR & Recovery Position

    Published 10/01/23, by E Finnerty

    This half term we are learning all about the circulatory system. To help with our understanding, Mrs Riley offered to teach us how to put someone into the recovery position, and how (and when) to administer CPR. We discussed when to call 999, what is an emergency and how we can help. Next, we will be applying this to our knowledge of the heart and the circulatory system.






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  • Bringing our art to life!

    Published 20/10/22, by E Finnerty

    We have brought our art, geography and science topics all together to create our camouflage art.

    • First we chose a biome, which we'd learnt about in geography.

    • Then we researched this biome, and created a colour palette which would accurately represent it and the life that grows there.

    • Next we created our camouflage background using this colour palette.

    • Finally, using inspiration from our science topic about adaptation and evolution, we disguised our hands into the background we created, to allow it to become camouflaged. 

    Have a look at our fantastic work below!

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  • Black History Month

    Published 17/10/22, by E Finnerty

    To acknowledge Black History Month we have been looking at influential black people in history, and living today. One of the people we focused on was Alma Thomas who created a signature abstract painting style. This inspired us to create our own pieces in her style!


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  • Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

    Published 15/09/22, by E Finnerty

    We have enjoyed looking at the achievements of Queen Elizabeth II and viewed some lovely art work. One of our favourites was by Eleanor Tomlinson, who we chose to base our own art on. Have a look at some of our fantastic work below!

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